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Hydrometric Design & Review

Hydrometric monitoring networks comprise a number of sites where one or more of the following data types are measured: water level and flow, rainfall/precipitation, hydro-meteorological, groundwater and water quality.

The appropriate design and operation of hydrometric networks and monitoring sites is critical to the delivery of high quality hydrological data. 

Hydro-Logic Services' comprehensive feasibility and design service covers the full range of hydrological data types and applications. We provide specialist independent advice on the following elements of hydrometric design and review:

  • Network review and design
  • Site location and preliminary reconnaissance
  • Site survey and identification of environmental issues - fisheries, ecology, etc.
  • Outline design, planning and consents
  • Hydrological assessment and modelling
  • Hydraulic analysis and modelling
  • Detailed hydrometric design and specification
  • Equipment procurement, installation and commissioning
  • Performance checking, calibration and verification
  • Independent compliance and audit assessments
  • Fish passage improvements

We offer our clients a complete service and regularly partner with specialists from related disciplines e.g. instrument manufacturers / suppliers, civil engineers, construction contractors and environmental scientists.

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