Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

Field Hydrometry

Field hydrometry involves the collection of all types of hydrological data involving water level, flow, rainfall and many other variables. Hydro-Logic Services has exceptional experience in all of these areas. We are widely regarded as the leading independent hydrometric consultant in the UK. This is reflected by:

  • Our provision of Hydrometric training to the Environment Agency since 1995, during which time we have trained over 1900 of their staff.
  • Operation of the water resources monitoring network for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water (the largest outsourced long-term monitoring contract of its kind).
  • Our appointment to frameworks with key suppliers such as Scottish Water, the Environment Agency, Scottish and Southern Energy, East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Yorkshire Water and others.
  • Our work for nearly every UK based water company and over 65 drainage/ local authorities.

Critically, we are not tied to any equipment suppliers. We recommend the solution which is genuinely the best available to meet your measurement and budgetary criteria, based on a thorough appreciation of the equipment available on the market today and practical experience in using that equipment. This expertise is backed up by representation of senior staff on British, European and International standard committees for flow measurement and hydrometry.

Our range of services span from manual measurements, such as low flow current meter gauging programmes, to operation of large complex telemetered networks of sites, which are delivered by well trained staff based throughout the UK. We operate in excess of 750 telemetered monitoring sites and undertake manual measurements at over 1000 sites, which means we’re likely to already be working near to your project location.

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For more information on any of our field hydrometry services please contact enquiries@hydro-logic.co.uk or call 01189 331 325.