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Flood Warning- Community Level Case Studies

HLS offer flood warning systems which provide early warning of rising levels or heavy rainfall and are often used as the trigger for community based flood plans. We have worked with a number of local communities to install flood warning gauges, which act as a trigger for such plans. The systems provide alerts by text message to flood wardens or local residents so that they can implement flood plans and put defensive measures in place to prevent flooding to property. We are a framework supplier of such systems to the Environment Agency and offer a full installation and maintenance service. 

We have worked with local flood groups or Parish Councils on the following projects:

 More detailed case studies are outlined below:
Devon Telemetry Flood Warning Network
Devon County Council
Devon County Council appointed HLS as a key partner in the delivery of the Pathfinder project on community flood resilience. The project, funded by DEFRA, was developed to investigate innovative ways of improving resilience to flooding at the community level.

South Zeal, Dartmoor
Community Flood Warning System

HLS successfull installed a telemetered alarm system which contacts key members of the community in South Zeal, Dartmoor, triggering local residents to put the village flood defence into action. The scheme is a low cost method of property level protection, often effective in small communities.

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Much Wenlock, Shropshire
Early Warning Flood System

With the help of the Environment Agency and Shropshire County Council, the Much Wenlock Flood Action Group commissioned HLS to deploy an early warning system in the town to prevent the kind of flooding encountered in 2007, when more than 60 homes flooded. 

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Perth and Kinross City Council, Scotland
Supply of Flood Warning scheme for Perth, March 2008 -ongoing

HLS was appointed by Perth and Kinross council via Halcrow Consulting Engineers to supply install and maintain 10 no. monitoring sites. These sites were spread over Perth City primarily to monitor the levels in a number of small burns that pass through the centre of Perth. The burns historically can cause severe flooding and their monitoring was deemed essential as part of the city's overall flood prevention scheme.

The system comprised of 7 no. level systems and 3 no. trash screen monitors transmitting both level information and alarms back to the City Council's own FEP6 management system. HLS also supplied 2 no. Camsys observation cameras, which sends out an email, when a pre-set level is exceeded, of pictures of potential screen blockages so that maintenance teams can prioritise site visits.

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