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Networks Case Studies

Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Wales, 2000 - ongoing
Rehabilitation and ongoing maintenance of Hydrometric network for monitoring water abstraction and compensation flow gauges across the whole of Wales

HLS has been commissioned by Dwr Cymru Welsh Water to install, operate and maintain a large network of telemetry enabled reservoir level and compensation flow gauges across the whole of Wales. The initial contract covered five years and following an EU OJEC re-tendering process, a new contract for six years was awarded in April 2006.

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Scottish Water, 2007 ongoing 
Improving reservoir yield assessments and compensation flow monitoring

Scottish Water commissioned HLS in 2007 to deliver two separate flow monitoring contracts to help improve the water companies understanding of the yield and low flow conditions at several water supply catchments across Scotland.

One project involved the installation of reservoir level, inflow flow gauges and recording raingauge devices in nine reservoir catchments in South West Scotland. Although data loggers were originally specified by the client, HLS recommended that additional benefits would be derived from fitting telemetry communications to sites, many of which were in remote mountainous locations. GSM or Iridium satellite modems were fitted to Isodaq Hawk XT telemetry loggers located at each of the sites. This aided quality assurance and data continuity via a daily data recovery programme using HLS' telemetry server based in Stirling.

Monthly maintenance visits were carried out including a current-meter gauging programme to establish stage-discharge relationships at level monitoring sites for the main reservoir inflows. Daily data inspection also enabled better efficiency in targeting certain flow ranges so as to minimise the number of gaugings required to establish a good rating.

A second project involved site surveys, design, installation and calibration of abstraction and compensation flow gauges at more than 100 sites. As specialist hydrometric systems providers and MCERTS auditors, HLS always strive to make the best of existing monitoring arrangements through calibration gauging and development of rating equations for all kinds of formal and informal gauging structures, even if not built to BS3680 British Standards.


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