Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

Rainfall and Climate

The science of hydrometry also covers the measurement of rainfall and weather. HLS provide consultancy advice, design and field services, including the installation, operation and maintenance of either short-term recording raingauge sites or longer term water resource monitoring networks.

HLS specialises in advising clients in the UK and overseas on the introduction of modern data acquisition technology, often being involved in the testing and evaluation of new state-of-the-art instruments with the objective of helping clients reduce the long-term costs of ownership of large networks.

  • Design of networks of tipping-bucket gauges for flood warning and urban drainage purposes
  • Site selection, design and specification of remote telemetered rainfall monitoring sites including recording and storage check gauges
  • Audit of raingauge sites and networks to BS, ISO and MO standards
  • Development of rainfall data archiving, analysis and reporting systems
  • R&D trials for assessment of new low-maintenance rainfall intensity gauges.

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