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Water Quality

HLS specialise in the supply, installation and operation of continuous water quality monitoring sites typically covering parameters such as temperature, conductivity, pH, and dissolved oxygen (DO). These are usually supplemented by either automatic volumetric sampling triggered using event specific thresholds and/or spot samples using either a hand-held sonde or bottled samples.

For full suite laboratory analysis of bottled samples we utilise local specialist laboratories for the most efficient and cost effective delivery.

Field data collection has included major studies for UK water companies to assess the impact of abstractions on the aquatic ecology within watercourses, through a programme of spot samples and installation of telemetered sondes at important sites.

Other applications and recent projects include:

  • Landfill leachate level monitoring telemetry system for waste-disposal operators
  • Discharge consent compliance monitoring for an international airport
  • Warning system for high turbidity due to tunnelling operations near to public water supply wells in chalk groundwater
  • Purge sampling of boreholes to calibrate automatic water quality monitors
  • EA R&D study to investigate the feasibility of using Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) technology for the measurement of sediment flux.

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