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Flood Warning Systems

HLS have installed over 700 flood warning sites for over 70 councils and land drainage authorities, throughout the UK. We are therefore the UK leading independent provider of flood warning systems to local authorities.

These sites include monitoring of:

  • surface water level 
  • underground (sewer or culverted watercourse) water level
  • rainfall 
  • groundwater
  • pump status
  • surface water with cameras 
  • flood gate status
  • automatic water level triggered warning signs 
  • trash screens

Many of the applications that we monitor are trash screens or undersized culverts which suffer from regular blockage. Our systems provide early warning to both drainage authority staff, to deploy maintenance teams, and to local residents, to deploy property level protection or trigger local flood plans. We have worked with many local communities to install gauges.

All of these sites use the Isodaq data loggers, which have a long battery life, and Timeview Telemetry web-based platform, which allows the user to manage the issuing of flood warning alarms by text message and e-mail, when key thresholds are met or the status of the asset changes.

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