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At HLS, we have the most experienced inspection teams available in the UK market today. Each of our inspectors has over 35 years experience in flow monitoring, which means that there are very few measurement situations that they haven’t come across. We have a reputation for being able to certify difficult sites, and have been early adopters of new technology, often coming up with innovative solutions. In many cases, we have saved our customers tens or hundreds of thousands of pounds by applying appropriate professional judgement and recommending installation of alternative measurement techniques, rather than re-engineering existing weirs and flumes at great expense.

If your site has failed a MCERTS inspection, and you’d like a second opinion, why not give us a call? Our inspection team is located throughout the UK.


Alec Willis – Senior Inspector

One of the first MCERTS inspectors appointed in the UK. 

  • On the MCERTS Steering committee responsible for the formulation of MCERTS policy and procedures.
  • Previous employment with Wessex and Welsh Water.
  • Nearly fifty years experience in flow measurement.
  • Has certified over 550 sites.

Tony Clayton


  • MCERTS inspector since 2003.
  • Over 35 years experience.
  • Previous employment with Wessex Water, where he was responsible for rainfall, river flow, effluent and groundwater monitoring.
  • Has certified over 300 sites.

Jim Hudson


  • MCERTS inspector since 2009.
  • Over 35 years experience.
  • Formerly Principal Hydrometrist at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology (CEH).
  • Responsible for providing scientific direction for CEH’s internationally renowned facility at Plynlimon.


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