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Flood Hydrology

Flood hydrology entails the calculation of flood peaks or flood hydrographs for observed floods or for design floods for specified return periods. In the UK, the Flood Estimation Handbook provides a suite of methods to support such calculations.

At HLS, our staff use the FEH methods routinely in undertaking FRAs and in support of hydraulic modelling. This extensive use has enabled them to appreciate situations in which the methods work well and critically, the conditions in which they require some refinement. Our lead hydrologist, Dr Paul Webster was engaged by the Environment Agency and DEFRA to oversee the R&D work undertaken by CEH that included the FEH CD-ROM v3, WINFAP-FEH v3 and ReFH.

Our staff are also able to offer expert advice on historical floods. In recent years, there has been a rash of damaging floods. We have undertaken a number of post-event investigations to understand flood mechanisms and quantify the return period of resultant flooding.

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