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Flood Warning and Forecasting

In the UK, flood warnings are routinely available from organisations like the Environment Agency. These warnings provide an excellent facility for those living near major rivers. However, such warnings are not appropriate where the “response time” of the catchment is short. This applies to minor rivers and surface water flooding. 

In recent years, HLS has developed an effective flood warning system that uses observed river levels and/or rainfall from our monitoring sites as a basis for flood warnings. When thresholds in river level or rainfall are exceeded, an alert is sent from our telemetry data loggers to our head office computer servers. Subsequently, the server issues a warning (by email and SMS) to key users, who can then respond accordingly.

We have recently developed a robust and effective flood forecasting system. This uses the same technology to capture rainfall and level data as above, but then uses this with a bespoke hydrological model to provide a forecast of the peak flood water level.

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Further details of this service are available from enquiries@hydro-logic.co.uk