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Property Level Protection

Property Level Protection (PLP) are the measures by which individual properties can be protected from the impacts of flooding. They generally comprise some combination of flood resistance and flood resilience measures. Flood resistance involves keeping water out of a property using a variety of barriers for doors, windows and pipes. Flood resilience is the modification of a property such that it can withstand the effects of flooding. This can be achieved by using appropriate materials and furnishings and by raising services above likely flood levels.

Our staff have undertaken hundreds of property surveys in recent years. These serve to quantify the level of flood risk and recommend the most appropriate mitigation measures.

Furthermore, HLS is part of a new initiative called FLOODSURE. This is a concept that is designed to help protect and insure properties that are at risk of flooding that has been developed with our Insurance industry partners, Lark Ltd. It is in essence a “one-stop shop” that entails the following:

  • a survey to identify the required mitigation measures,
  • the installation of those measures,
  • insurance policy that recognises that benefits of the installed measures.

Further details of this service are available from enquiries@hydro-logic.co.uk.

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