Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

H&S, Environmental and Quality Info

An overview of our management systems

Hydro-Logic Services operate health and safety (H&S), quality management and environmental management systems. All are audited to regular timetables, reported as standing orders at board meetings and are vital to the successful operation of our business and our social responsibilities.

Our H&S system has been in place since HLS was created. Independent external auditors have certificated our Quality Management System (QMS) against ISO-9001 since 1997. Our Environmental Management System (EMS) was implemented from 2002, largely in cooperation with the Groundwork Trust following the requirements of ISO-14001.

From 2004 an independent external consultancy (Citation plc) has reviewed our personnel, H&S and EMS systems regularly and kept us up to date with new legislation and best practices. In 2006 we launched HSEMS - a combination of our H&S and EMS policies that takes into account environmental impacts on risk assessment forms, training internal auditors to look across multiple systems and combining responsibilities for existing H&S committees.

A central theme in our systems is openness and communication to suppliers, customers and the public.  HLS was one of the first small - medium enterprises in the UK to publish key information of our management systems on our website. To help raise awareness between other organisations and exchange information, we are founding members of the local Business Environment Association.

HLS seek a culture in which quality, health and safety and protection of the environment are an integral part of what we do. We are strongly customer driven and believe that we should strive to solve problems before they occur.

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