Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

About Us

Please note that we have moved our online information onto the Hydro International websiteWe will be redirecting the hydro-logic.co.uk pages to hydro-int.com in March 2020.

Acquired in March 2016 by Hydro International, Hydro-Logic Services was formed from the Services Division of Hydro-Logic Ltd following demerger in June 2012. The former Products Division trades as Isodaq Technology Ltd.

Hydro-Logic Services provides specialist consultancy services to clients in the water and environmental sectors in the UK and worldwide, principally in hydrometry, flood services and water resources.

Our key strength is the ability to provide integrated solutions based on the measurement and capturing of information and its subsequent processing, analysis and interpretation, and its use in managing operations, risks and hazards. It is this integrated range of capabilities that distinguishes us from other organisations and enables us to provide comprehensive solutions for our clients.

Our clients include:

  • Environmental & Economic Regulators
  • Water Companies
  • Consulting Engineers and Environmental Scientists
  • Local Government
  • Developers
  • Mineral extraction companies
  • Sports and leisure enterprises
  • Educational and research organisations
  • Industrial water users
  • Private Individuals