Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

Senior Staff

Simon Clarke (BSc, MBA)
Head of Water Quality and Catchment Management

Simon Clarke

Simon Joined Hydro-Logic Services (International) in 2018 as the Head of Water Quality and Catchment Management. He has twenty-nine years’ experience in environmental consulting having directed, managed and undertaken numerous high-profile research and consultancy projects for clients both in the UK and overseas.

He has key expertise in water policy and planning, in carrying out impact assessments relating to the effects of point sources and diffuse sources of pollution, water transfers, abstractions and climatic change on receiving water quality and ecology, and in the design and implementation of water quality and ecological monitoring programmes.

Simon has extensive experience of working for the European Commission on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and in the assessment of compliance with its requirements across Europe. He has undertaken catchment studies for most of UK water companies relating to discharges, abstractions, drought conditions, transfers and the implementation of catchment-based approaches. He has worked for the Defra, the Scottish Government, the Environment Agency and Natural England, in assessing the costs and benefits of water quality improvements for a range of pollution mitigation options, and for third sector organisations on studies linked to natural capital and ecosystem services. He has also carried out water quality and catchment studies for a broad range of industrial sector clients.

Simon has worked in the United States, Canada, Russia and across Central and Eastern Europe.

(water companies recently worked for include South West Water, Thames, Anglian and Southern)

Alan Corner (CEng, BEng, MICE)
Head of Water Engineering

Alan Corner

Alan has been with Hydro International since 2011 and became Head of Water Engineering and part of the management team at Hydro-Logic Services in 2016, providing a technical lead in sewage treatment, all drainage plus flood risk design matters.  Alan is a drainage and infrastructure expert with 32 years’ experience.  He is the firm’s leading civil engineer providing project management and designs for sustainable drainage water quality treatment systems and traditional drainage for development sites, highways, nuclear facilities, ports and airports. 

  • Global SuDS Knowledge Leader at Halcrow 2004-2010
  • Business stream leader at Halcrow managing a water team providing sustainable drainage, flood risk management, sewerage design and sewage treatment design to other parts of the business and clients worldwide 1998-2010
  • Member British Water SuDS/Sustainable Water Focus Group 2005-to date
  • International experience in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Thailand; covering flood risk, sewage treatment works design, drainage networks construction supervision plus port and rail depot drainage design
  • Design lead on Water Pollution Management and Containment - offering HAZOP assessment services related to the control of pollution and fire water runoff for industrial clients
  • Expert witness capability for drainage and flood related issues     

Alan has delivered Sustainable Drainage design solutions since 2000 and has assisted DEFRA draft the National SuDS Standards plus delivered Sustainable Drainage Approval Body (SAB) Training to Local Authorities within a joint venture including Arup and Micro Drainage. He has provided high-level advice, design and consultancy services to: numerous UK water companies, CIRIA, local authorities, developers and infrastructure owners and operators worldwide.

Alan has managed and contributed to projects for clients such as, Anglian Water, DEFRA, Atomic Weapons Establishment, Highways agency, as well as numerous projects in countries such as Thailand and Kuwait.


Mark Smith (MSc MA (Cantab) MIAM MCIWEM C.WEM CEnv)
Head of Water Resources

Mark Smith 

Mark joined Hydro-Logic Services in 2018 as Head of Water Resources. Mark specialises in water resources planning and management, and has significant associated experience developing water business plans and applying asset management practices. He has over 13 years’ experience delivering and managing within a water company environment at United Utilities. Mark’s technical expertise and leadership, complemented by his experience engaging with regulators and stakeholders, has ensured successful delivery of major planning submissions, most recently for WRMP19. He has significant experience in water resources modelling and forecasting, including in the development of large-scale new models and planning approaches in Aquator (including on one of the largest water resource zones in the UK).

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management since 2012
  • Member of the Institute of Asset Management since 2011
  • Member and Deputy Chair of the CIWEM Water Resources Expert Panel

 Mark has a key role in developing the portfolio of water resources work within the Company. He manages the Aquator agency in conjunction with Oxford Scientific Software.

Paul Webster (BSc, MSc, PhD, DIC, MCIWEM, C.WEM)
Principal Consultant, Flood Risk 


Paul has held a senior position with HLS since 2000 after 9 years spent lecturing in the School of Civil Engineering at the University of Birmingham. Paul is one of the firm's leading hydrologists providing invaluable input on water resources, flooding, master planning and project management.

  • International experience with the Namibian Government; reservoir planning in Botswana; river basin master planning in China and catchment based flood studies in Hong Kong 
  • Contributed to over 20 published papers in hydrology and water resources
  • On the British Hydrological Society Committee 1992-2000
  • Member of CIWEM Rivers and Coastal Group Committee 2004-2008
  • Chaired steering group on revisions and developments of the Flood Estimation Handbook 2001-2007

Paul has provided high-level advice and consultancy services to organisations including: the Environment Agency; NERC; Local Authorities; planners; World Bank; Government of Hong Kong; CEMEX; Woodland Environmental; Severn Trent Water and Thames Water.

EAWorld_bankHong_KongCemex   Severn_Trent

Simon Bond (BSc)

Regional Head of Hydrometry (Wales)


Simon was appointed as a regional Head of Hydrometry in 2011 after joining the firm in 2001. Simon's specialises in hydrometric networks and telemetry systems.

  • Manager for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water hydrometric network project, measuring over 100 reservoir level and compensation flow sites 
  • Manager for the AMP5 Severn Trent Water RSA project for over 200 gauging and water quality sites
  • Installation of 36 telemetry rain gauges in urban areas for Yorkshire Water, 2010-2012
  • Scottish Water reservoir inflow monitoring for over 100 sites, 2007-2011
  • Tutor for hydrometric training framework contract for the Environment Agency
Simon has worked with and built strong professional relationships with numerous major water companies: Dwr Cymru Welsh Water, Scottish Water, South Staffordshire Water, Yorkshire Water and Severn Trent Water.


Stewart Child (BSc, MSc, DIC)
Principal Consultant 


Stewart is the longest serving member of the HLS team, since joining in 1993, and his experience is unparalleled. Stewart was the company's director from 1995-2007 and now holds the title of Principal Consultant. 

  • Heavily involved in hydrometry standards through membership of the British Standards Committee on Hydrology, CEN (European) Committee on Hydrology and ISO (International Standards) Sub-Committee
  • 17 published papers on water resources and hydrometry
  • Hydrometry training manager/senior tutor, since 1995
  • Overseas projects: Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Namibia, Southern Africa, Hong Kong, Western Samoa, India, Palestine, Republic of Ireland
As the lead hydrometric specialist in the company, Stewart provides expert input to a wide range of clients: government organisations, aid agencies, Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Office of Public Works, Thames Water, Severn Trent Water and Dwr Cymru Welsh Water.

Karen Clack (BSc, MSc)
Operations Manager (South East) and MCERTS Manager


Karen joined the HLS team in 2004 after graduating from the University of Reading. She is involved with all aspects of hydrometry, from project management to river flow monitoring and maintaining hydrometric installations.

  • Manages the delivery of the MCERTs programme for monitoring sewerage works outfalls, most notably Yorkshire Water with the successful certification of over 500 works
  • ADCP and current meter gauging
  • Assisting in training of the Wessex Water Hydrometry team

Karen has undertaken extensive hydrometric gauging as part of the AMP5 Framework for Thames Water, South East Water, Portsmouth Water and Veolia Water. Karen also has experience working with large companies such as: Natural England, the Coal Authority and the Environment Agency.


Peter Horne (BSc, MSc)
Head of Hydrometry (Scotland)

Peter has been with HLS since 2009 and specialises in hydrometry, hydrology and surveying. 

  • Consultancy services for renewable energy projects in support of client Controlled Activities Regulations (CAR) licence applications to SEPA
  • Regular flow gauging in river networks throughout Scotland and NW England, to develop stage discharge ratings and low flow studies
  • Installation and maintenance of local authority flood warning sites, totalling 160 sites across Scotland
Peter has worked with a number of local authorities in Edinburgh, Aberdeenshire, Dumfries and Galloway and Falkirk along with energy firms such as SSE and Scottish Power.

Julian Parkin (BSc)
Principal Hydrometric Engineer 






Julian was appointed by HLS in January 2004 and has since been involved in all aspects of hydrometric station design, including reconnaissance, survey, feasibility, design, installation and commissioning.

  • Over 10 years direct experience with the Environment Agency
  • Tutor on the Environment Agency's Hydrometric Training Programme
  • Expert technical and auditing input for Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Hydrometric Monitoring Framework project
  • Site and data quality assurance for HLS hydrometric networks
Julian has worked with a number of high-profile clients such as: Severn Trent Water, Canal Authorities, Scottish Power, City of London Authority, Veolia Water and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency.