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Stewart Child gives seminar at UNESCO-IHE in Delft on some current ideas and thoughts on hydrometry


Stewart, Principal Consultant with Hydro-Logic, was invited to give a seminar at  UNESCO-IHE in Delft on 21st September.  The seminar provided examples from Europe and around the world, and included technique selection and applications, data acquisition, ecological and economic considerations, uncertainties in hydrological data and hydrometric standards. The presentation  focused on streamflow data, but  also made reference to precipitation measurement, highlighting some of the challenges facing hydrologists as the demand for good quality hydrometric data increases, while in many instances financial and staff resources remain static or decrease.  Stewart is well placed to present on these topics in view of his extensive experience and chairmanship of the British and European Standards Committees on Hydrometry and the International Standards Sub-committee on Velocity Area methods.

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