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Canal Monitoring Success


Hydro-Logic Services have recently been successfully involved in improving the management of the Grand Western Canal in Devon. Following the breach of the Canal in November 2012 innovative ways of improving the operation of the canal were sought. HLS were commissioned to design and install water level monitoring systems at two locations either side of the breach. The systems have been installed providing valuable data while the diversion of the canal was in place.

Since installation, the new system has already proved valuable after the sensor in Burlescombe indicated high water levels before Christmas 2013.  Prolonged heavy rain saw the canal’s water levels rise by 18cm in less than three hours.  The systems trigger alarms to the key contacts and set off the chain of response. Devon County Council’s Canal Manager reacted promptly on that occasion, by fully opening the sluice which prevented risk of water overtopping or damage to the canal’s banks protecting both local residents and the canal structure.

Mark Baker the ranger for the Tiverton canal has been monitoring the system closely, via the Timeview Telemetry website, to help improve his teams management of water levels.

“It was very satisfying to see the new system works well and that we were able to respond effectively. With more wet and windy weather expected, I’m confident that the new system will help us maintain water levels in a more efficient and effective way than ever before.”

The system has also received praise at county level and support has come from a number of councillors.

This scheme is one of many monitoring systems that HLS have installed throughout the UK. If you require assistance in helping monitor water levels to improve management practices, and would like further information about the systems that we can offer, please contact Martin Dibley on 07917156132 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk.

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