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Hydro-Logic Services Tender Success


Hydro-Logic Services have recently been successful in major tenders across the UK.


Scottish Water have appointed Hydro-Logic Services as its exclusive provider of hydrometric data. Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) have also appointed Hydro-Logic Services as its exclusive provider of hydrometric data for monitoring and compliance across Scotland. Our team at the Stirling office have worked with Scottish Water and SSE for some time and have developed an enviable track record for attention to detail and data quality. We are looking forward to getting out in the field and building on this reputation.


In the South-West, we have been successful on a flood warning tender for Devon County Council’s Pathfinder project, which also incorporates both Plymouth and Torbay. This will include our full range of flood warning solutions including rainfall intensity, level threshold alarms, LED warning signs and sirens and surveillance cameras. The schemes will involve working with over fifteen nominated communities across Devon. These sites will join our rapidly growing network of flood warning systems across the UK.


In Wales, building upon our long-term framework for monitoring of Welsh Water’s Water Resources network, where we operate over 100 sites across Wales, we have been appointed to their Environmental Monitoring Framework, through partners APEM, Cascade Consulting and Grontmij.


In the Midlands, we have been appointed by Northamptonshire County Council to help them deliver their Pathfinder project, funded by DEFRA, to deliver flood resilience to local communities. Hydro-Logic Services will install flood warning sites within 15 local communities, which will further extend the network of flood warning sites which we operate in the UK.


In addition to this, Seven Trent Water has extended its framework contract with Hydro-Logic Services and our partners ESI and APEM for a further two years, following a very positive appraisal of work completed so far. Under the framework, Hydro-Logic Services and partners have carried out the largest programme of low flows investigations and drought permit environmental assessments for any water company in the UK. Hydro-Logic Services have undertaken hydrometric monitoring at over 300 sites as well as delivering hydrological inputs to drought permit environmental assessments. Extending the contract will ensure continuity and Severn Trent Water has acknowledged the quality of work carried out so far and also recognised the strength of the relationships between the companies and other stakeholders.


In the North, our MCERTS framework contract with Yorkshire Water, which has been in place for 10 years, has been further extended. The contract involves the inspection and certification, to Environment Agency standards, of discharges from Waste Water Treatment works. During recent months, we have been particularly busy as Yorkshire Water’s latest investment programme has been delivering improved compliance. Hydro-Logic Services have one of the largest MCERTS inspection teams in the UK and have certified over 1300 sites to date for a number of water companies and a large number of industrial customers.


For more information on any of our services please contact your local Hydro-Logic Services office.

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