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Hydro-Logic Services Cromford Canal Survey


Hydro-Logic Services have recently completed a bathymetry survey of a 2km stretch of the Cromford Canal, in Derbyshire. We were commissioned by EMS to undertake the work which is to inform the dredging requirement to make the canal operational again. The Friends of Cromford Canal wish to provide a service to transport visitors on a barge along the canal and required a certain minimum depth within the central portion of the canal, at two winding holes and four mooring points.

HLS staff deployed a TRDI StreamPro ADCP to take measurements of the existing silt level, using ultrasonic sensors. This equipment is quick to deploy and enabled the team to survey the whole reach within two days, collecting over 15,000 geo-referenced depth measurements. The ADCP uses a differential GPS (dGPS) system to geo-reference the location of measurements taken, allowing them to easily be plotted back at the office.

For more information on this or similar services offered by Hydro-Logic Services, please contact Rob Burton on 01443 631483 or rburton@hydro-logic.co.uk.

The StreamPro being deployed on the Cromford Canal

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