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Yorkshire Water Extend MCERTS Framework Contract with Hydro-Logic Services


Hydro-Logic Services has had their framework contract for MCERTS inspection services extended by Yorkshire Water. The contract, which has been awarded for another year, extends our provision of MCERTS inspection services to Yorkshire Water to at least ten years following the original contract which was awarded in 2004. During that time, HLS have certified over 500 sites for Yorkshire Water, as well as providing a number of training courses to regulatory managers and instrumentation technicians, which have helped to significantly increase the certification rate thus reducing the need for re-visits and the overall cost of the project.

During this ten year relationship the Yorkshire Water Compliance team and HLS have constantly being improve the way that they work together to ensure compliance of their sites. The HLS project manager is constantly updating their systems and informing Yorkshire Water of any potential problems so that tasks can be completed as soon as possible.

As part of this framework, the MCERTS team have been working alongside various framework contractors, to ensure compliance of new installation. Providing a design review service and advice before any installation is undertaken to reduce any potential non compliance issues and therefore potential costs of fixing the problem. The Yorkshire Water project manager commented “HLS have been extremely accommodating, working weekends and late into the evenings on occasions in order to get some of the sites certified. They really do deserve some recognition. There are not many suppliers out there that would have supported us how they have”

For information about this project or for MCERTS related queries please contact our MCERTS manager, Karen Clack 01189331325 or kclack@reading.hydro-logic.co.uk

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