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Hydro-Logic Services Install Water Level Management on the Pevensey


Hydro-Logic Services have recently installed sixteen telemetered water level monitoring sites for Natural England on the Pevensey Levels. The data is to be used to assess the effectiveness of the current water level management plan, which has been created to protect the local flora and fauna.

The system installed by HLS measures the water level upstream of a number of existing structures to aid in the management of the Pevensey Levels by Natural England and the Environment Agency. Due to the remote nature of these sites, low powered systems with a greater than 3 year battery life, were installed. This data is available to the client via our Timeview Telemetry web-based system.

Following an initial installation of four sites, Natural England were so impressed with the system and level of service that they awarded a second contract to return install an additional twelve sites. HLS worked closely with both NE and the Environment Agency to select the best sites for accurate measurement. With time being of the essence the installs were completed within a couple of weeks and are now all available to the client on Timeview.

Since the sites have been up and running they are already helping improve the management of water on the levels.

One of the monitoring stations- with a telemetry logger and water level sensor to the right of the image

For information about this project or these services please contact Karen Clack 01189331325 or kclack@reading.hydro-logic.co.uk.

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