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Hydro-Logic Services Weir Rehabilitation


Hydro-Logic Services have been appointed to undertake a project on weir rehabilitation for Aggregate Industries via AMEC.

HLS were approached to review the suitability of five existing flow measurement structures and to make recommendations for improvement to hydrometric data. These were located at several quarries in Devon. The structures were found to show signs of damage and did not conform to published standards. A number of measures have been put in place to improve the data from the sites. This has involved remedial work including repair and extension of a wingwall to prevent bypass, installation of low range sensors with appropriate stilling tubes and channel clearance. 

To further improve data management the sites have been put on telemetry allowing data quality to be accessed remotely. This has assisted in targeting visits to the site to react to particular flow conditions; it also allows greater resilience in responding to issues such as vandalism. Operation of the quarry also benefits from remote access to the data with abstraction and discharge regimes better informed.

The sites are undergoing 12 months of calibration gauging to provide unique stage discharge ratings for the structures. The sites will then provide a valuable resource of stage and flow data to help inform management decisions.

For more information on our hydrometric monitoring solutions contact Martin Dibley on mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk


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