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Alec Willis retires as Technical Director after 24 years service


Alec Willis officially retired on 1st July from his position as Hydro-Logic’s Technical Director, a post he held for nearly 24 years. Alec is one of the UK’s leading open-channel flow measurement specialists and is a long-standing member of various BSI committees on hydrometric standards. He also served as the Company’s Director in charge of the Financial Management.

Alec joined the Company in 1987 from Wessex Water having previously worked for the Met Office and the Water Resources Board. He immediately started working on the development of our first range of hydrometric data management software packages. He led the development team for all the software products which comprised our very successful MSDOS range of products such as HydroLog, Gaugeman and Rainark. These packages went on to become the industry standard systems for the former National Rivers Authority, SEPA and subsequently the Environment Agency until 2003. In recent years he has been involved in numerous consultancy projects and became Hydro-Logic’s leading MCERTS inspector. He is also a founder member of the joint EA-industry MCERTS steering group for flow measurement.

Alec will continue working for the Company on a part-time basis on project work as an MCERTS inspector and a Consultant Hydrometrist. We wish him well in his semi-retirement.

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