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Hydro-Logic Services Deliver Flood Data Collection Project in Leicester


Hydro-Logic Services have recently completed the installation of 8 telemetered raingauges and 13 telemetered water level monitoring sites in Leicester as part of a joint project by the Environment Agency and Leicester City Council. The project is aimed at providing data to inform the development of the Leicester Flood Strategy.

Key reasons for our award of this project were our track record in delivering similar projects, as demonstrated by the nearly 600 flood warning sites that we have installed and operate in the UK, the low key nature of the installations, resilience against vandalism, low cost and long battery life.

The data is available to Leicester City Council, the Environment Agency and the project consultant (AECOM) via the Timeview Telemetry website, where they can download data and manage alarms from either heavy rainfall or rising water levels.

Map showing the site locations from the Timeview Telemetry website

Examples of the installations:

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