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Flood Warning Project for North Worcestershire Water Management


Redditch, Bromsgrove and Wyre Forest District Councils (WFDC) recently joined together to provide a shared service for water management and associated issues. The North Worcestershire Water Management (NWWM) service is hosted and based at Wyre Forest and deals with flooding, drainage, ordinary watercourses and surface water issues.

Hydro-Logic Services have recently installed seven water level monitoring systems in the Redditch and Bromsgrove area for NWWM, to enable them to keep an eye on their culverted watercourses on a daily basis. NWWM are looking to make cost savings by adopting an exception mode maintenance model and prevent trash screen blockages. Rather than visiting sites periodically, NWWM are able to target maintenance and prevent flooding and blockages before they happen.

Not only is the data available to the client via our Timeview Telemetry web-based system, but also alarm thresholds will be set at each site to warn operations staff of rising levels, which will enable them to maintain their assets on a reactive basis.      

Faye Tomalin, Water Management Officer for NWWM, said:

We’re aiming to use the equipment to reduce our on-site monitoring needs at several of our hotspot locations around the area, and to be able to react quickly to any blockages during high rainfall events by responding to alarms that can be received from each location. So far, this has proved effective for us in several of our new remote monitoring locations, and helped us with our maintenance regime. The service we received from Hydro-Logic Services has been excellent, and they are always available for help if we need it which is reassuring when starting out with new equipment.”

Hydro-Logic Services operate a network of over 565 flood warning and trash screen monitoring sites across the UK for over 65 local authorities, the Environment Agency, private customers and drainage boards. If you would like further information on this or other services that HLS provide, please contact Russ Wilkes on 07876 547308 or rwilkes@hydro-logic.co.uk.

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