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MCERTS Inspection Contract with the Coal Authority


Hydro-Logic Services has recently completed a MCERTS inspection contract with the Coal Authority, to confirm if their flow measurement installations were to MCERTS Standard. The Monitoring CERTification Scheme (MCERTS) is an Environment Agency scheme for the assessment of discharges from sites against rigorous quality standards. Hydro-Logic Services, as one of the largest inspection companies, won a competitive tender to undertake inspections at over 40 sites throughout Britain. Even though certification is not currently a requirement at these sites, the Coal Authority chose to assess sites against MCERTS in order to assess the quality of data from each site and improvements that need to be made. Even if there was not an existing meter, our inspectors used their vast experience and knowledge to advise on the best option for the installation of flow monitoring at the site.

Each flow measurement device was checked against MCERTS Standards, and an independent flow check was undertaken to confirm the onsite meters were recording to within +/-8%. The photograph below shows a Magflo meter installation being checked by a clamp on ultrasonic meter.

The project manager worked closely with the Authority, ensuring they were continually up to date with how the project was progressing, providing summaries following each batch of site visits and discussing any key problems and issues.

Following completion of the project, Chris Crowe, project manager for the Coal Authority, commented “I have worked with Hydro-logic for 18 months. During this time they have conducted several commissions which have provided our business with excellent support in the areas of MCERT flow monitoring compliance, site surveys, reporting and solutions.

“Their work has been a major factor in providing solutions to our flow monitoring work. They have delivered what was expected in agreed timescales and have been a solid and reliable supplier.”

If you have any sites which require MCERTS inspections, please contact Karen Clack, who manages our nationwide MCERTS inspection services, on 01189 331325.

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