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Expanding Fleet of ADCP Equipment


We are pleased to announce that a new StreamPro ADCP has joined our fleet of ADCPs. This acquisition is a response to our expanding workload for many water companies. Our experienced field team are on hand for any flow monitoring requirements you may have from fractions of a litre to hundreds of cumecs. Our fleet of ADCPs allow us to provide rapid safe measurements in all conditions. Our capability and experience in deployment of boat mounted flow monitoring acoustics is unrivalled in the UK.

Our ADCP capability includes:

  • Spot Flow Gauging
  • Bathymetric surveys, using a differential GPS (dGPS).
  • Velocity Profiling

your local HLS office for more information. Offices are located at: Stirling, Sheffield, Bromyard, Reading and Exeter, with field staff based nationwide.

Calibrating a V-Notch weir at high flows

Calibrating a Flat-v weir      

Example Velocity Profiles, from ADCP measurements:


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