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Flood Warning for Gloucester City Council


Hydro-Logic Services (HLS) were commissioned by Gloucester City Council (GCC) to design and install a flood warning system at Quedgeley, Gloucester. GCC are looking for early warning of rising levels in the nearby brook, and commissioned HLS to install a water level sensor and telemetry Frog logger.

Data is transmitted from the logger to our secure Timeview website on a daily basis, where it can be viewed and downloaded as required. Once GCC have assessed the data they will be able to set up and generate text alerts and emails well in advance of critical levels being reached, which will allow them to take evasive action and mitigate the effect of any flooding. 

Nick Chadwick, Gloucester City Council’s project manager for the scheme provided the following evaluation of our services.

‘Hydro-Logic Services provided us with a seamless service from initial site visit and quotation through to installation and commissioning of the system. Communication was excellent and we are very pleased with the completed level sensor and logger. I would not hesitate to recommend HLS to anyone looking to install a monitoring system such as this.’

Hydro-Logic Services operate a network of over 650 flood warning, many at trash screens prone to blockage, across the UK for over 65 local authorities, the Environment Agency and drainage boards. If you would like further information on this or other services that HLS provide, please contact Daniel Walker on dwalker@hydro-logic.co.uk

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