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Hydro-Logic part of Low Flow Consortium to Deliver Major Programme of Investigation for Severn Trent Water


In July 2011 Severn Trent Water awarded a substantial programme of work to a consortium led by ESI supported by specialist inputs from APEM (aquatic ecology) and Hydro-Logic (hydrometry and hydrology). This was in response to the identification by the Environment Agency of 31 sites for Severn Trent Water to investigate under the National Environment Plan in AMP5. The work builds on similar work that the consortium successfully delivered for STWL during previous AMP cycles.

Following desk studies, more than 30 sites have been taken forward for further investigation and options appraisal. Discussion with the Environment Agency has helped to finalise the scope in detail and work is now underway at all sites. This includes: hydrological, ecological (fish, macroinvertebrate and habitats) and water quality monitoring, groundwater modelling, impact assessment and options identification. Work supporting STWL’s Drought Plan will also be carried out under this framework by the Consortium, including water resource modelling.

Paul Webster, Hydro-Logic’s Consultancy Services Director, said:

“We are delighted to have been awarded this major contract. ESI, APEM and Hydro-Logic have worked closely with STWL for many years and have demonstrated how, as specialist suppliers working directly with the client and regulator, we can apply our skills and experience to develop new and innovative ways of tackling the challenges posed by this project.”

Andy Banham, STWL Programme manager said:

“Following a successful relationship in previous AMPs we are confident that this consortium will deliver work to the high standards required by STWL/EA to satisfy the demands of this challenging programme”


The Restoring Sustainable Abstraction (RSA) Programme was set up by the Environment Agency in 1999 to identify and catalogue those sites which may be at risk from abstraction.  The RSA Programme forms part of the Environment Agency’s National Environmental Programme (NEP). The NEP for AMP5 (2010 – 2015) is driven by the Environment Agency’s need to implement the Water Framework Directive (WFD) and local issues identified by the Catchment Abstraction Management Strategy (CAMS) process.

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