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Cardiff City Council Flood Warning


Hydro-Logic Services was appointed by Raymond Brown Construction Ltd to install 5 flood warning systems and remote cameras as part of the Rhiwbina Flood Defence Scheme for City of Cardiff Council. The scheme was developed following a significant flood event in 2009 when properties were flooded when the local streams burst their banks. The Council, with funding from the European Regional Development Fund and Welsh Government,  have now completed the scheme to significantly reduce the risk of flooding to more than 200 properties.

The monitors are located at key points on the watercourses to give real time information on water levels. Each system consists of an Isodaq Frog RX GSM data logger with an Impress pressure sensor to measure water level and a Nexus CCTV camera to send photographs of the sites.









Example photo from on site camera (shown on the left).

The sites have each been set with 3 threshold water levels which when triggered will send out text message alarms to Council staff to alert them to possible flooding issues. Images from the cameras can then be called up to confirm the situation on site and to help inform the appropriate operational response.     

Water level data and photos from each site are sent daily to the Timeview website where it can be viewed and downloaded from any web enabled device.

Example graph above and associated site photos below

Hydro-Logic Services operate a network of over 650 flood warning and trash screen monitoring sites across the UK for over 65 local authorities, the Environment Agency, private customers and drainage boards. If you would like further information on this or other services that HLS provide, please contact Simon Bond on 07810 837721 or sbond@hydro-logic.co.uk

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