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Award winning Flood Warning System for Northamptonshire County Council


Hydro-Logic Services (HLS) were part of the team that won two awards last week, for delivery of the DEFRA funded Northamptonshire Pathfinder project. The project won a Project Excellence Award in the Community Action and Partnership category at the annual Environment Agency Awards announced at the Flood and Coast Conference in Telford. The following day, the team won Best Plan Award at the East Midlands Royal Town Planning Institute Awards and they have been shortlisted in the National Royal Town Planning Institute Awards in May 2016.

The project team collecting the award at the Environment Agency Flood and Coast Exhibition and the two awards themselves

The project set out to provide information about community flood resilience through an online toolkit detailing ‘how to’ information on the actions residents, businesses and communities can take to improve their flood resilience. Hydro-Logic Services installed a network of rain gauges in 15 communities, which provide early warning of flooding to local residents and flood wardens, so that property level protection can be deployed in time. The data from these gauges is available on the Flood Toolkit website. An example of the data on the website is shown below, together with some of the rain gauge installations.

The gauges installed are Casella tipping bucket rain gauges, together with Isodaq Tadpole GPRS telemetry loggers. They form part of the network of over 650 flood warning sites which are operated by Hydro-Logic Services on behalf of local authorities in the UK. For more information about this project, or the flood warning services that we provide, please contact Karen Clack on 01189 331325.

Example of the data on the Flood Toolkit website

Example Rain gauge installations

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