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Severn Trent Water Award Water Resources Framework to Hydro-Logic Services


Hydro-Logic Services have joined ESI Consulting and APEM as part of a consortium to take a leading role in delivering Severn Trent Water’s commitments to water resources management.

The alliance has won a place on Severn Trent’s AMP6 Water Resources Planning Framework to deliver water resources management, hydrology and hydrogeology projects. Work conducted under the framework will include: environmental monitoring, impact assessment and options appraisal; hydroecology, flow gauging, hydrology; water quality; hydrogeology, borehole design and optimisation, groundwater modelling; test pumping; water features monitoring; WFD groundwater impact assessments, abstraction licence support, groundwater quality catchment modelling and risk assessment, Aquator modelling and coding and rainfall-runoff modelling.

This appointment continues a long-running and well-established partnership between the three companies. ESI will undertake groundwater and hydrogeological work, APEM will undertake aquatic ecology and Hydro-Logic Services will undertake hydrometric monitoring and lead on water resources policy and planning, including Aquator modelling.
Adrean Chavira from Severn Trent said “We select and work with providers in the delivery of real cost-effective solutions, with the fundamental principle of providing the right product or service for the process or application every time. We look forward to meeting our statutory requirements and implementing further enhancements to our water resource management plan to the benefit of our customers."

Hydro-Logic’s Head of Hydrometry, Rob Burton, said “Over the past decade, we’ve developed an excellent working relationship with ESI and APEM to deliver a joined up approach and the very best specialist advice to Severn Trent. It is great to continue working together to deliver that over the next 5 years.”

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