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Hydro-Logic and OSS awarded Aquator rebuild project by Severn Trent Water


January 2011 saw the association of Hydro-Logic and Oxford Scientific Software further strengthened by our successful joint proposal to redevelop Severn-Trent Water’s (STWL) Aquator based water resource models. Our success was contingent on a clearly scoped, competitive proposal, and a project team with strong IT and water resource backgrounds that includes the developers of the current STWL models.

Work focused on integrating STWL’s three existing models into a single model representing the entire Severn-Trent region, allowing switching between the 15 constituent Water Resource Zones. The new model delivers a number of improvements, including the addition of new demand centres, abstraction and groundwater sources, and the updating of operational rules. A key enhancement is the implementation of bespoke VBA code allowing the model to run using the AquaSolver global optimiser introduced with Aquator version 4. The revised model has been delivered to STWL and is in use for water resources planning.

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