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Hydro-Logic Services (Scotland) Play Key Part in Flood Warning


Comrie Flood 19th November 2012

Many of the 160+ Flood Monitoring and Early Warning systems supplied by the Hydro-Logic Services (Scotland) team, delivered valuable data during the recent floods of 19th – 22nd November 2012.

The HLS systems currently serve 17 Scottish Councils.

The community of Comrie was worst affected facing the second flooding event in 3 months. Hydro-Logic Services have been approached to assist Perth and Kinross Council with Early Warning technology for the Comrie Community.

Temporary barriers had been erected from Sand Bags to force a diversion of the Ruchill Water from one Alleviation area to another and back into the main river Earn to mitigate flooding in the Dalginross area of the town. Hydro-Logic Service’s Ken Higgins, Head of Business Development, lives only 20 minutes away and attended the town during the flood event with Principal Hydrologist Jens Petry to assess the area for future Monitoring and Early Warning systems.


Josh Johnstone (Technician) Assists Andrew Picken (Hydrologist) (Out of Picture), in a calibration check on the main Aberfoyle Flood Warning site ahead of the rising water in the River Forth

20 Miles to the South, the Village of Aberfoyle braced itself for a further flood event on Thursday 22nd November and HydroLogic Services were in attendance to carry out scheduled maintenance on the main Flood Monitoring system in the Village.

Aberfoyle benefits from Upsteam monitoring of Duchray Water and Loch Ard to offer advance warning and timing indicators from catchment influence on the River Forth as it passes through the Village.

Dumfries and Galloway was another region badly affected by flooding. The HydroLogic Services monitoring and early warning systems provided the Dumfries and Galloway Council with valuable data from the TimeView Management system, where the impact was monitored at the Councils Command Centre near Dumfries. The Community of Moffat suffered from rising levels and the HydroLogic system alerted Council maintenance crews to prioritise attendance for essential screen clearance.

Further monitoring and Early Warning systems have been awarded to HydroLogic Services for Scottish communities at risk from flooding. These include: Scottish Borders Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Falkirk Council, Perth & Kinross Council, South Lanarkshire Council and West Lothian Council. For more information on this or similar services offered by Hydro-Logic Services, please contact Ken Higgins on 07540 453613 or khiggins@hydro-logic.co.uk

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