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Dambovita Flow Measurement in Bucharest


Hydro-Logic Services were commissioned by EMS to head overseas for some specialist flow monitoring in the Romanian city of Bucharest. The channel reach in question was from a manmade lake, the Morii, which was built to contain and manage flooding, and extends through the city to the Glina wastewater treatment plant at its lower end. Anecdotal evidence suggested a loss of water from the channel, potentially to the sewer system running below. It was hoped some profiling work would help quantify the loss and help identify affected reaches.

The channel has a number of tilting weirs that are used to manage and control water levels through the city. This management of the channel created very challenging measurement conditions which would have been very difficult to measure using conventional gauging methods. Sections were up to 3m deep and averaged 30m wide with average section velocities as low as 0.012 m/s.

Hydro-Logic Services extensive experience in deploying Acoustic Doppler Current Profilers (ADCPs) meant that a rapid assessment could be made of the full 17 Km reach within the short study timeframe. A full accretion profile was developed with over 20 sites assessed which provided useful data for the end user. For more information on this or similar services offered by HydroLogic Services, please contact Martin Dibley on 01884 841473 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk

The ADCP in action in the city of Bucharest

The ADCP in action in the city of Bucharest

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