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HLS Deliver Fish Pass Experience at the Irish Hydrology Conference


Martin Dibley travelled to Ireland to represent Hydro-Logic Services at the 2012 National Hydrology conference hosted by the International Hydrological Program (IHP) and the International Commission on Irrigation and Drainage (ICID)

EU directives such as the Water Framework Directive have made it more important to ensure good ecological status is achieved for fish and eels. HLS have had been involved with a number of research project for the Environment Agency where various types of fish and elver pass have been tested to determine potential impacts on flow measurement at Gauging Stations. Research findings on informal baffles, Larinier super active baffle passes and elver passes were presented.

Hydro-Logic Services have also been commissioned to have a practical input on making recommendations at a range of structures that are being modified for fish passage. Some of these examples were presented with a focus on how measurement uncertainty can be managed and even enhanced with suitable solutions.

Hydro-Logic Services are able to provide a comprehensive suite of services relating to balancing fish passes and flow measurement in tandem. For more information on this or similar services offered by Hydro-Logic Services, please contact Martin Dibley on 01884 841473 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk


A Larinier Super Active Baffle Fish Pass

A Larinier Super Active Baffle Fish Pass

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