Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

Hydro-Logic Services part of MCERTS Compliance project


Hydro-Logic Services have been commissioned by FCC Environment (previously Waste Recycling Group) to undertake MCERTS inspection work at a number of their landfill sites in order to help them achieve MCERTS compliance.

Hydro-Logic Services have reviewed existing installations, providing recommendations for MCERTS compliance, or if compliant completing the MCERTS inspection whilst on site. Where necessary, contractors are then brought in to complete the installation of the flow monitoring devices and to install telemetry at these sites. Hydro-Logic Services will then assess the newly installed device to check it complies fully with the MCERTS Standard. A major advantage for FCC Environment has been the availability of good quality data for sites through our web-based Timeview Telemetry system.

Hydro-Logic Services are able to project manage the whole process including the QMS audits completed by SIRA, so technical advice can be provided throughout the whole process. For more information about this or similar services offered by Hydro-Logic Services, contact Karen Clack on 01189 331325 ( kclack@hydro-logic.co.uk ) or Rob Burton on 01433 631483 ( rburton@hydro-logic.co.uk )

Note: MCERTS is the Environment Agency's Monitoring Certification Scheme.
The scheme provides a framework within which environmental measurements can be made in accordance with the Agency's quality requirements.

Installation of a new pump and Maglo meter to measure total treated leachate

Installation of a weir tank to measure total treated leachate

Installation of a Crump weir to measure surface runoff

Example of the data for a site on Timeview Telemetry

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