Hydro-Logic is now part of Hydro International.

Colin Fenn appointed as Interim MD of Hydro-Logic Services


We are pleased to announce a major change to the organisation of the Hydro-Logic business, which we believe will be good for both our customers and our staff. As of 1st December 2011, the Hydro-Logic business was divided into two separate companies following the formation of a new consultancy firm, Hydro-Logic Services, within the Hydro-Logic Group. Hydro-Logic Services will provide consultancy and support services in hydrometry and telemetry, and in water resources, flood and environmental management. The new company is led by Dr Colin Fenn, who took over as interim Managing Director on 1 December 2011.

Colin is a Chartered Scientist and a Chartered Water & Environmental Manager. He is a Fellow of CIWEM, and Chairs its Water Resources Panel. He has been a non-executive Board Director of Hydro-Logic Ltd since 2006, and was previously MD of HR Wallingford Ltd. and MD of Atkins Water. Rod Hawnt will continue as MD of the Isodaq Technology business, operating as the group Company for the development and supply of monitoring systems.

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