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Hydro-Logic Services commissioned for environmental monitoring


Hydro-Logic Services have been awarded the monitoring on a number of water courses in the Anglian region, as part of an Environment Agency Project. The lead consultant Atkins awarded Hydro-Logic Services the contract to complete velocity profiling, along with a survey of the cross sections and flow monitoring to aid in the calibration of a number of river models.

This monitoring was completed as part of HEFT/R-HEFT, which is a Hydro-Ecological Flow Threshold (HEFT) methodology created to understand flow requirements for the ecology. The watercourses were the River Beane, Nar, Lark and Wissey. For more information on this or other similar projects being delivered throughout the UK, please contact Karen Clack on 01189 331325 or kclack@hydro-logic.co.uk

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