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Hydro-Logic Services -Balancing Improved Fish Passage and Accurate Flow Measurement


The majority of the HLS offices have been busy in the last few months providing guidance and advice to the Environment Agency and a number of its NEECA framework consultants on the potential impact of improvements to fish passage at hydrometric structures.

In Midlands Region, the HLS regional hydrometry team has been providing targeted spot flow monitoring prior to, during and post construction at a wide range of fish passage types. The monitoring data is being analysed by HLS staff and used as part of a research project which aims to gain additional insight into the impact of fish pass construction on flow monitoring structures.

The knowledge and experience of our national Specialist Hydrometry team is being used to good effect on a wide range of fish passage review projects across the UK. A typical example is the Environment Agency’s Anglian region where, as part of a broader review of impacts of improvements for fish passage, the team have developed simple tools for the calculation of eel and fish passage potentials at a range of hydrometric structures.

Hydro-Logic Services are able to provide a comprehensive suite of services for delivering a practical balance of improved fish passage and accurate flow measurement. For more information on this or similar services offered by Hydro-Logic Services, please contact Nik Whalley on 01884 841473 or nwhalley@hydro-logic.co.uk

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