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Hydro-Logic Services Attends Flood Fairs


As the winter season approaches and with the memories of the late 2012 floods still fresh, Hydro-Logic Services have attended several local flood fairs organised by local councils or the National Flood Forum. We have been displaying our systems in Glasgow, Devon and Stroud recently.

Our flood warning services have been widely proven for councils and local communities and provide valuable information to inform flood management decisions. We have often been displaying our capability alongside providers of property level protection and provide the early notification of when to deploy door barriers. Our systems will alert individual households to a risk of rising water or heavy rainfall, giving them advance warning of a potential flooding problem. We offer installation and maintenance as part of a complete monitoring solution. As the system monitors 24 hours a day it is a valuable tool for flood wardens and will provide warnings specifically targeted for a localised problem that may be missed by broader scale warnings.

Hydro-Logic Services operate flood warning systems for over 40 local authorities throughout the UK, with over 450 flood warning sites currently in operation.

If you want more information on the flood warning systems we offer, or are organising a flood fair and would like us to attend, please contact Martin Dibley on 01884 842960 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk

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