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Hydro-Logic Services: A361 Flood Warning in Action


Hydro-Logic Services were commissioned by Devon County Councils highways team to design and install a telemetry warning system. This was for a critical flooding point on the A361, the North Devon link road near Tiverton. 

A small stream passes under the road via a siphon, with a trash screen at the upper face. A blockage at the screen causes raised water levels that overtop the embankment and cause standing water on the dual carriageway which is a significant risk traffic. To allow the trash screen to be cleared and ensure the siphon can receive the maximum flow a threshold alarm system has been installed measuring upstream and downstream levels on the screen. This system contacts the highways control centre allowing response teams to mobilise to the site and clear debris before the increased levels become an issue. The primary system is backed up by a camera triggered by the level detection system that will provide an image of the scale of the issue at the site.

Recent flood events with autumnal debris have caused some significant blockages at the screen. Ping Song of Devon County Council has been actively using the data feed to manage maintenance and reduce the risk to traffic on the dual carriageway. The targeted visits also mean that teams are only deployed when required saving time and money and ensuring efficient use of staff resources. This scheme is one of many flood warning systems that Hydro-Logic Services have installed throughout the UK. To date, we work for over 40 local authorities as well as private clients and operate over 450 sites.

If you require further information about the systems we offer, please contact Martin Dibley on 01884 842960 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk.

Graph of data from the site, published to Timeview Telemetry (www.timeview2.net)

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