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DEFRA Minister Dan Rogerson Visits South Zeal Flood Warning Project


Cllr William Cann OBE (West Devon Mayor) opens the Flood Warning System

Following a number of years of flooding in the centre of the Dartmoor village of South Zeal residents now have an integrated solution. Their homes are now protected by a telemetered flood warning system which gives them sufficient notice of when to deploy property level protection measures.The village has been visited by Environment Minister and North Cornwall MP Dan Rogerson. The scheme was recommended as a low cost method of property level flood protection that can be effective in small communities where large scale flood defence works are impractical. The MP visited to see where the approach had been implemented successfully.

The visit was attended by West Devon council, DEFRA, the Environment Agency, Hydro-Logic Services and the National Flood Forum.

15 properties are affected by flooding from the Ramesley stream, a typically flashy Devon stream with a steep catchment above the village. Hydro-Logic Services have installed a telemetered alarm system which contacts key residents triggering local residents to put the village flood defence plan into action.

The monitoring on the brook has been requested for a number of years and following its installation a grand opening was undertaken by William Cann OBE. He said"I'm delighted to see this project officially opened. It will help the residents of South Zeal sleep easier at night knowing they now have a warning system to alert them when flooding is possible. The project has very much been about the community working together with the council and other organisations. Everyone involved should be proud of what has been achieved."

Martin Dibley, Regional Head of Hydrometry, (third from the left) talks with Dan Rogerson MP and the local flood warden

The local flood warden gives testament to the peace of mind the system gives the village:
"Its dark, it rains – and now, thanks to WDBC, Hydro-Logic Services, South Tawton Parish Council and our Community, we go to bed rather than nervously watching the stream rise, and sleep soundly in the knowledge that we will have plenty of time to organise our defences if the river rises to the trigger point.”

This scheme is one of many flood warning systems that Hydro-Logic Services have installed throughout the UK. To date, we work for over 40 local authorities as well as private clients and operate over 450 sites. If you live in a community affected by flooding, and require further information about the systems that we can offer, please contact Martin Dibley on 01884 842960 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk.

Part of the telemetered flood warning system




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