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Somerset Flood Monitoring


Hydro-Logic Services have been working with the Somerset Drainage board consortium over a number of years to design, install and maintain a network of over 30 water level monitoring sites used to inform the management of sluices and tilting weir gates. The systems are all battery powered and transmit data back to the Isodaq Timeview Telemetry website via GPRS.

These systems have been tested outside the expected conditions in recent months but have provided valuable data to assist with understanding and managing the flooding situation. The conditions have left many villages cut off and the data received has helped plan and target the response efforts.

Once high level alarms were surpassed the systems continued to provide remote data every three hours. This allowed the drainage board consortium to help provide up to date information on the rate of water level rise. Each monitoring location is geo-referenced and set to Ordnance datum allowing a spatial assessment to be made of the flooding impact. The data could also be integrated alongside other sources to improve the wider assessment of the flooding impact and duration.

The Somerset network with sites in Alarm condition shown in red 

Water level rise across Northmoor

The data received from the sites has also assisted in the recovery operation, allowing the location of the number of pumps required to be targeted. The data has been used to calculate the volume of water which needs to be pumped, thus allowing recovery timescales to be estimated.

Hydro-Logic Services (HLS) operate a network of over 450 flood warning sites across the UK for local authorities, the Environment Agency, private customers and drainage boards. If you would like further information on this or other services that HLS provide, please contact Martin Dibley on 07917 156132 or mdibley@hydro-logic.co.uk.

Flooding on the A361

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