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Canal and River Trust choose Aquator for modelling canal system


Following a robust period of evaluation, the Canal & River Trust’s Water Management Team have placed an order for the Aquator software.  The model will be used for both strategic and operational water resources planning, including evaluating future water resource positions as part of the forthcoming Water Resource Strategy and weekly water budgeting during the boating season.  The generalised model, which is jointly provided by Hydro-Logic Services and Oxford Scientific Software (OSS), has been complemented by the development of a bespoke Lock Component for Aquator, described by Chris Green of OSS as one of the most complex features that he has dealt with in Aquator.  Paul Roberts continues to provide support and training for the Trust’s staff involved in configuring the model.  Key benefits for the Canal & River Trust team include the ease of model build, transparency of water movement within the software, flexibility provided by the integration with VBA and the support during Lock Component development.  Although individual canal units have already been built and are in use, it is anticipated that the development period for building Aquator models for the Trust’s network will take from 2013 to 2016.

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