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Water Resources Planning Case Studies

Severn-Trent Water Ltd, 2011
Drought Permit Review 

In January 2011 Hydro-Logic, in collaboration with ESI Ltd and APEM, was appointed to by Severn-Trent Water Ltd (STW), to examine the impacts of revised drought permits on the Rivers Derwent and Churnet. The Drought Reports produced would be supplementary to the existing Environmental Reports, which review the ecological and hydrological conditions in support of future drought Permit applications.

HLS Research and Development
Resilience in Water Resource Management Plans

The two-season drought of 2011-2012 and the prospect of a third dry winter was a big wake up call for United Kingdom water resource management investment planning. The UK Water Act 2014 has responded to this call and has placed a new duty on the Water Services Regulation Authority (Ofwat) to ensure that water services are appropriately resilient to droughts.

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