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Investment Schemes Optimisation Modelling

Historically, water resource investment schemes optimisation modelling deals with the application of a selection routine to a wide range of supply side and demand side schemes to identify and select an optimum solution set from a range of feasible solution sets to address a supply demand balance problem. For this, we have expertise and experience in the UK and internationally. Our modelling capability covers the development of objective functions and constraint sets and the development of solution algorithms to optimise the objectives, subject to the constraints. We have experience in the use of heuristic approaches, linear and integer programming approaches and stochastic programming approaches.

There is an emerging paradigm shift in the way water resource investment schemes are selected in appreciation of the potential impact of a wide range of future climate change and planning scenarios on the supply capability of water systems, under uncertainty. The shift recognises that performance evaluation of water systems with/without proposed investment programmes must reflect measures of reliability and resilience explicitly. With the state-of-the art competences developed through HLS own internal research and development activities, we are well placed to assist our existing and future clients in taking advantage of the benefits of this paradigm shift.

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